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You Are Now Entering The Fantasy Zone 

Every week, managers of Fantasy Football address multiple decisions to their rosters. My goal is to take my 12 years of Fantasy sports experience and present an abstract view on Fantasy news. Check back every week for “The Fantasy Coach” as I review the major highlights of the previous Fantasy week and detail what to look for in the weeks ahead. And each week, I will provide a player at each position that could surprise (“Flames”) or put tears in your eyes (“Lames”).

WRs and QBs steal the show as top RBs are dealt a blow

When attempting to sleep on Sunday nights, I (Christian) ponder why we spend a great deal of our precious time and fragile emotions on such an unforgiving “sport.” Maybe it’s the high of an 11-catch, 182-yard, 1-TD performance by Julio Jones, or the 480-yard, 4-TD day from Aaron Rodgers that make Monday mornings tolerable. Perhaps it’s starting one of the 11 quarterbacks who threw for 300-plus yards, or the unexpected defensive TD that calms your spirit.

Like the one great golf shot with the last remaining ball in your bag, these are the types of stat-lines that keep us coming back for more. But how do you cope with the letdowns, the injuries, and the pendulum of emotions that engulf managers each season, each week, each drive?

With five top-12 running backs injured on Sunday, many were left on their couches with salsa-stained jerseys wondering why they gambled on Eddie Lacy, drafted Ray Rice so early, took a chance on Reggie Bush, believed in Maurice Jones-Drew or invested in Steven Jackson’s hype. The truth is, this is the life of a Fantasy Football player. These are the intrusive thoughts that intensify as we move further from the draft and the “unfair” losses begin to build.

A collection of jocks, geeks, men, women, teenagers and seniors, we are part of an unspoken fraternity, a group that continues to subject ourselves to predicting the unpredictable. We play because of the unknowns, the adjustments, the strategies, but mostly for the thrills. It’s the thrills that bind friends, co-workers and families together on a four-month mutual journey.

This game is more than just one for the nerds. It’s the bridge for friendships, new and old. It’s our escape, our glue when life throws its Hail Mary’s.

As for those Sunday night slumbers… I’ll see you in 15 weeks.


QB: Robert Griffin III WAS vs. DET

Don’t lose your confidence in RG3. Each week he’ll get stronger on that surgically repaired knee. The Lions are up next, the purrrfect anecdote; with this in mind he still gets my vote.

RB: Chris Johnson TEN vs. SD

Early in the season, the Titans have surprised, losing a heartbreaker at Houston in overtime. With 50 carries through his first two games, CJ2k is one of my week’s favorite “Flames.”

WR: Steve Smith CAR vs. NYG

Pound for pound he is the strongest receiver, and his past vs. the Giants makes me a believer. Cam Newton needs to throw the ball deeper, making Stevie my Week 3 sleeper.

TE: Julius Thomas DEN vs. OAK

Three touchdowns from this monster so far, it’s hard to bet against this budding star. Peyton Manning continues to thrive and at home Julius will come alive.

DEF: Minnesota vs. CLE

The Vikings will be playing at home this week and the Browns offense will be getting an unwanted tweak. Minnesota should assault backup QB Brian Hoyer, while Cleveland’s front office looks for a personal injury lawyer.


QB: Michael Vick PHI vs. KC

Yes, he has been dynamic and has stayed off his belly, a newfound love for the game with Chip Kelly, but no one knows Vick more than Andy Reid. His new defense will charge like a rabid dog breed… hmmm.

RB: Darren McFadden OAK @ DEN

Denver kept the Giants and their offense at bay and has left opponents with nothing to say.  DMC lately has been running wild, but the Raiders offense seems to have been designed by a child.

WR: Julian Edelman NE vs. TB

Tampa looked great against the Saints and Drew Brees. Lance Moore in the slot had nowhere to breathe. Last week Edelman sparkled bright like a diamond, but this week he’ll be stuck on Revis Island.

TE: Jermichael Finley GB @ CIN

Cincinnati’s defense is full of grown men. As an opponent I’d want to stay far from this Bengal den. They look like a strong team on a determined mission. Benching the “Jerm” will be an interesting decision.

DEF: Carolina vs. NYG

After an embarrassing loss in the Manning Bowl, the Giants will be desperate to avoid a 0-3 hole. New York has made plenty of mistakes, but with their seasons on the line it’s Eli I’d take.

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