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You Are Now Entering The Fantasy Zone 

Every week, managers of Fantasy Football address multiple decisions to their rosters. My goal is to take my 12 years of Fantasy sports experience and present an abstract view on Fantasy news. Check back every week for “The Fantasy Coach” as I review the major highlights of the previous Fantasy week and detail what to look for in the weeks ahead. And each week, I will provide a player at each position that could surprise (“Flames”) or put tears in your eyes (“Lames”).

Trading season begins as desperate managers look to salvage their year

With 0-4 and 4-0 teams anchoring Fantasy standings around the globe, it is now the time of year when managers have to decide when to part with their stars for depth or pluck high-talented underperformers from fading rosters.

By Week 5, you tend to have a good idea of where your team stands and what it needs to move forward. Sometimes these decisions can lead you to 0-12; other times they can give you an opportunity to make a run at a championship. Regardless, decisions need to be made, and it’s important you take your time in doing so.

Look ahead at your bye weeks and try to build a landscape of how you will fill those needs. Sometimes trading for a less-talented player who has already had a bye is more valuable than holding on to a player who will miss an important matchup down the line. The more balanced your team can be every week, the better your chances, as you inevitably will face a team that has two or more players resting, leading to an easy win.

There are many strategies in Fantasy Football, but being a bye-week pro can be the difference between going 6-7 (missing the playoffs) or 7-6 (making the playoffs). Be smart, be savvy, and, most importantly, have fun! Good luck in Week 5!

Week 5 Flames

QB: Eli Manning vs. PHI

Just when you think the Giants are done, that watching their games couldn’t get less fun, you are served the Eagles from Philadelphia, who were torched last week by the brother of Elijah.

RB: Maurice Jones-Drew @ STL

If there is ever a week for the Jaguars to score, it’s this week versus the Rams and their giveaway tour. The Rams are beat-up on all levels of defense, so if he can’t get it done, it’s time for the bench.

WR: Tavon Austin vs. JAX

The explosive receiver, who has not yet hit his stride, will run routes on a field he’s never seen open so wide. The Jaguars could be beaten by a college team; for this reason, Tavon Austin will tear up the seam.

TE: Greg Olsen @ ARI

Patrick Peterson will be guarding the Panthers’ best offensive weapon, leaving Greg Olsen much field to use at his discretion. Both teams don’t score much but can move the ball, and if Olsen doesn’t break 70 yards receiving, I’d be appalled.

DEF: Atlanta vs. NYJ

Geno Smith leads the league in giveaways, and the Jets’ offensive line is like a waterway. Start the Falcons at home on Monday night; the Jets are just not very good… and that’s being polite!

Week 5 Lames

QB: Brian Hoyer vs. BUF

I can see many getting caught up in the hype of this third-string QB and his enviable fight. He’s a tough and talented hometown fella’, but in no way or shape is he this year’s Cinderella.

RB: Chris Johnson vs. KC

He was stuffed last week by the Jets’ “Stout D”; the Chiefs are much more talented leaving him little room to break free. The Titans lost Jake Locker for two long months, so Chris Johnson will need help if he looks to triumph.

WR: Kenbrell Thompkins @ CIN

He has been great so far especially for a rookie; if you’ve drafted and started him, you deserve THREE cookies. I believe he cools down versus Cincinnati, especially losing targets to TE Rob Gronkowski.

TE: Owen Daniels @ SF

Mr. Reliable with two hands made of glue, he already has three touchdowns this year! Who knew? The thing with Daniels is he is hard to predict, and going against the 49ers defense he will not be my pick.

DEF: Cleveland vs. BUF

I love the Browns defense and the talent they possess, but a sneaky Bills offense will put them to the test. Cleveland is in the top 10 this week as a respectable rank. I’d err on the side of caution and expect them to tank.

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