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YMCA Considering New Construction 

The outdoor basketball court at the Huntington YMCA could be home to a new building if the organization pursues plans for an expansion.

The Huntington YMCA is ready to move forward with plans to construct a new building and parking facilities on its Main Street property.

The new building would be a healthy living facility for wellness and prevention programs, according to Huntington YMCA Executive Director Eileen Knauer.

The YMCA has diabetes, youth obesity, and senior falling prevention programs. It also has a cancer survivors program, many youth sports programs, and dance programs that would all be relocated to the new facility.

“We have outgrown our space and our board has decided to explore the idea of creating new space at the Y [MCA],” Knauer said.

The YMCA approached the town board to ensure their plans would be approved before they move forward to invest in architects and design.

“We ran the idea by them and wanted to make sure they supported it”, Knauer said. “We don’t want to be foolish about how we spend dollars.”

The plan calls for a new building to be constructed on the property where the outdoor basketball courts currently are located. The open fields to the side of the basketball courts would become a parking lot.

“They haven’t finalized plans but want to convert an area that’s a not-very-much-used field [and turn it into] parking. They need a special use permit from the town,” Town of Huntington spokesman AJ Carter said.

The town board at its Nov. 7 meeting went on record to the zoning board supporting the issuance of the permit.

The YMCA envisions the building to be two stories and have a recreational gym, indoor running track, and studios for their wellness and prevention programs.

“We’re excited about it,” Knauer said. “We’re hoping to make it happen, and I think there’s definitely a need for it. We’ve done so much for our preschool and main facility and this will meet other needs as well.”

One specific need for the new facility is the use of the gym for indoor basketball leagues, she said.

Knauer would not comment on the cost of the plans since they are still in the early planning stages. The YMCA will begin fundraising once plans are finalized, she said.

The YMCA’s last expansion, which included a 7,500 square-foot wellness center, a 13-room childcare wing and additional parking, was completed in 2010.

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