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Wine Store To Fill In The ‘Gap’ 

The façade gets an upgrade last Thursday at the Brush Building, which may soon be home to a wine store if the State Liquor Authority signs off.

Wine enthusiasts may soon be flocking to the Brush Building, which has been vacant since a Gap clothing store left six years ago.

A spokesman for the New York State Liquor Authority confirmed Tuesday the agency has received an application for a license to open Corktree Fine Wines in one of the  ground-level retail units in the historic storefront at 83 Main St. in Northport Village.

The spokesman said the application, made by John Grosso, is pending and that no hearing date  has been set.

Terry White, a real estate agent for Adelaide Byers representing building owner Farid Investments, said in May that one lease was out for a ground floor location and others were looking at the upper level.

Last week, workers were at the building putting the finishing touches on a new façade. The building will have two, 2,200 square-foot ground-floor retail spaces and 3,500 square feet on the second floor.

Debi Triolo, president of the Northport Chamber of Commence, said she hopes the state moves quickly.

“I’m just thrilled that they’re cleaning up the Gap and they’re getting some retail in there,” she said. “It’s been empty and an eyesore for so long.”

Artisan House owner Kathie Kitts said she hopes the rest of the building is leased out to businesses that will draw people into Northport.

“That used to be our anchor,” she said. “I’d be happy for anything to get in the building.”

She was not without her concerns, however.

“Parking is an issue down here – I don’t know how many times people are going to drive around, unless it’s a really specialty wine store,” she said.

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