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The Fantasy Coach 

Every week, managers of fantasy football address multiple decisions to their rosters. My goal is to take my 12 years of fantasy sports experience and present an abstract view on fantasy news. Check back every week for “The Fantasy Coach” as I provide a player at each position that could surprise (“Flames”) or put tears in your eyes (“Lames”).

Week 16 Flames

QB: Philip Rivers vs. OAK

In their first meeting Rivers threw for over 400 yards, which seems likely again as no Raiders can guard. The Chargers are coming off a big win last week, so ride out Rivers and their offensive streak.

RB: Zac Stacy vs. TB

No one has had more rushing scores in this season’s second half, which in the preseason would have made most people laugh. His stats have been staggering and Stacy is the real deal; en route to your fantasy championship let Zac take the wheel.

WR: Eric Decker @ HOU

Welker is out and the Broncos need a win; another loss will create an unexpected tailspin. Manning will need to rely on his outside receiver; he should be heavily targeted by his Hall-of Fame heaver.

TE: Jason Witten @ WAS

With the Redskins offense and defense in ruin, a big fantasy day for all Cowboys should be a shoo-in. They are especially weak with defenders like cement, so he is the pick to help with your title ascent.

DEF: Cincinnati vs. MIN

The Vikings are rolling with backups galore and are dormant on the NFC’s bottom floor. It’s a big game for Cincy’s divisional hopes and will help prevent you from the Sunday mopes. 

Week 16 Lames

QB: Matt Ryan @ SF

The 49ers might be the hottest team in the league, playing defense that resembles the historic blitzkrieg. Atlanta doesn’t have anything left to play for, so bench all of your Falcons and shut the door.

RB: Alfred Morris vs. DAL

Washington’s team has given up on their coach, facing the Cowboys looking for a playoff spot poach. I can’t recommend any of the ‘Skins; hopefully you have some depth left to choose from in your bench bin.

WR: Danny Amendola @ BAL

Even with Gronk out he hasn’t been much of a factor, and has been more of a mirage, distraction or actor. Coming into the season he had tons of hype, but has left managers with a justified gripe.

TE: Martellus Bennett @ PHI

The Eagles continue to amaze on defense, playing with some sort of mystical sixth sense. The Bears sport two of the league’s best receivers and will target them more than this underachiever.

DEF: Chicago @ PHI

Ever since the Eagles have switched to Nick Foles, their offense has been no. 1 in the polls. They have also managed to not turn the ball over, so if you go with Chicago make sure you have your 4-leaf clover.

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