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The Fantasy Coach 

Every week, managers of Fantasy Football address multiple decisions to their rosters. My goal is to take my 12 years of Fantasy sports experience and present an abstract view on Fantasy news. Check back every week for “The Fantasy Coach” as I review the major highlights of the previous Fantasy week and detail what to look for in the weeks ahead. And each week, I will provide a player at each position that could surprise (“Flames”) or put tears in your eyes (“Lames”).

Week 10 Flames

QB: Eli Manning vs. OAK

On a two-game winning streak and fresh off a bye, this is the time for the offense to look spry.  He should cut through Oakland’s defense like a butter knife, to the cheers of the home fans at MetLife.

RB: Reggie Bush @ CHI

The Bears are now starting two rookie linebackers, which didn’t workout too well Monday night against the Packers. Reggie is as healthy as he has been all season; in an ideal Fantasy situation, he’s still doubted for some reason.

WR: Keenan Allen vs. DEN

No longer is he just a flash in the pan, as he has truly become Philip Rivers no. 1 fan. His rookie season has been mostly overlooked; Denver’s best chance to stop him is to open up their prayer book.

TE: Timothy Wright vs. MIA

With Mike Williams out for the year, this converted wide receiver’s talent is clear. He is big, strong and quick out of his routes; Timothy leaves Fantasy managers drooling from their mouths.

DEF: Philadelphia @ GB

I can see how this pick resembles an “April Fools” joke, or that I’ve been stuck in the ’80s and have just awoke. But I truly believe in Philly, even on the road; the Packers have lost Rodgers, leaving their offense in slow mode.

Week 10 Lames

QB: Cam Newton @ SF

Cam and the Panthers ride a four-game streak, but the teams they have beaten have been among the league’s weak. Facing the 49ers on the road off a bye, I just hope Carolina brings ice in large supply.

RB:  Steven Jackson vs. SEA

Boy does he look slow and like he’s aging fast. It’s hard to say how much longer he’ll last! Playing Seattle’s defense could be his worst possible matchup, especially if the Falcons are left playing catch-up.

WR:  Jordy Nelson vs. PHI

Rodgers’ injury is a big blow to Nelson owners, who soon may be looking for wide receiver donors. Nelson’s success relies on his chemistry with Aaron; without him the stat sheet will look completely barren.

TE:  Julius Thomas @ SD

Julius Thomas isn’t fully healthy yet, and is essentially the Broncos’ no. 5 scoring threat. In San Diego he may experience dire straits, because their defense is always practicing against Antonio Gates.

DEF:  Dallas @ NO

The Saints, like most, are a different team at home; “Who Dat” will be chanting loud in the dome. Rob Ryan knows Dallas’ defense inside and out, which should lead to the Saints scoring throughout.

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