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Straightening Out Health Issues With Wholistic Approach 

Dr. Michael Posner has been fixing health problems in Huntington village for nearly 20 years.

Dr. Michael Posner provides a mind, body, and spirit oasis with his family-oriented Wholistic Wellness Center in Huntington village.

Posner is a chiropractor, but his practice also offers acupuncture, massage, nutrition counseling, custom-made orthotics, Tai Chi and Chi Kung.

This is Posner’s 30th year in practice. He started working out of his house in Huntington and moved into the village about 19 years ago. X-rays are still done from his home office.

Posner was introduced to chiropractics about 40 years ago when he joined a karate class, and in that class was a chiropractor. Posner was experiencing a tremendous amount of pain in his body, so the chiropractor asked him to come into his office. After a few months of treatment, Posner said he was completely healed; the chiropractor had even treated his allergies and digestive issues.

“I felt like if he could do that for me, I want to do that for other people,” Posner said.

The chiropractor explained that his office emphasizes health education. His wife, Lois Posner, is a registered nurse and she specializes in the educational counseling of the practice.

“In my office, we educate people about their bodies. We teach them how to exercise. We teach them how to have positive thoughts. We try to also teach them meditation and breathing,” Posner said.

His daughter, Christie Posner, is a licensed acupuncturist and also works at the wellness center.

“Wholistic health means looking at people for who they are in their lifestyle, what they do daily, how they think, what kinds of emotions they have, how they eat, if they exercise or not, if they take care of their spines, and then treating them accordingly,” Posner said.

He focuses on healing the mind, body, and spirit. “I have a very strong background in martial arts and meditation and yoga, and tai chi and chi gung, so I bring all of that into my practice,” said Posner.

Wholistic Wellness Center, located at 22 Wall St., has two chiropractic rooms and an acupuncture room on the first floor, and three massage rooms on the second floor. The interior is decorated to create a calming atmosphere and peaceful music is played throughout the office.

“We have an amazing staff that puts out a lot of love and knowledge,” Posner said of his employees, which include 10 massage therapists, another chiropractor, his wife, and his daughter. He also just hired a nutritionist who has 30 years of experience and will begin working soon.

In addition to its services, Wholistic Wellness Center sells vitamins and herbs.

“I have personally tried all of the products and know they work – that’s why we sell them,” Posner said.

Posner said he is very dedicated to his practices, and tries to reach out to the community in every way he can. He participates in intermittent and corporate lectures, where he provides massage therapy, and has taught Tai Chi in Heckscher Park for collectively 15 summers. He is also writing a book which will be finished in a few months.

Wholistic Wellness Center
22 Wall St., Huntington

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