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Side Dish 


CANTERBURY ALES CLOSES: By now you may have heard the shocking news from the Huntington village restaurant scene – in a blast email sent Monday, Aug. 26, Canterbury Ales owner Billy Hoest announced that the restaurant and pub has closed after 36 and a half years. Hoest said economic conditions of the last few years and a “multitude of other factors” contributed to the decision to close. Over the 28 years he’s owned it, Billy’s seen it all, he writes, and now, the restaurant faces something he hadn’t ever expected – a sudden, unexpected farewell. “I thank you all for the support you have given Canterbury’s over the years, most of them good ones. I apologize for not personally saying goodbye and saying thank you to each and every one of you,” he writes. Godspeed to everyone at Canterbury Ales, and thanks for being a Huntington institution all this time, from all of us.

NUTS FOR NUTELLA: Nutella lovers may very well be blazing a trail directly to Doppio Artisan Bistro (24 Clinton Ave., Huntington 631-923-1515 after they hear about their Nutella Pastry Loaf. It’s amazing stuff, a pizza-shaped confection of doughy pastry topped with a thick coat of the famous hazelnut spread, sliced bananas and fresh raspberries. It’s just the right amount of finger-licking sweetness and it’s perfect for sharing – a regular sized loaf ($18) is perfect for three or four. Smaller party? Don’t deprive yourself – opt for the smaller version ($12).

WELCOME BACK ALBERT: By the time you read this, Albert’s Mandarin Gourmet (269 New York Ave., Huntington 631-673-8188) should be back open for business. Raymond and Albert, who have been in business for 30 years closed from Aug. 5-25 to revamp their kitchen and dining room. With that comes an announcement that they will add a sushi bar to the restaurant as they continue their commitment to serving the best gourmet Chinese food on Long Island, the owners note.

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