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Paramount Sets Stage To Pop The Question 

Christian Rosa and Samantha Loberto met at a concert where they found they had matching tattoos of the band’s logo.

A sold-out crowd at The Paramount cheered on a Long Island couple who, thanks to a crafty future groom and the cooperation of the band, got engaged onstage midway through a concert.

Christian Rosa popped the question to girlfriend Samantha Loberto on stage during a concert by the couple’s favorite band, Bayside. She said yes, bringing cheers from the Paramount audience of more than 1,500.

It all went down during Bayside’s sold-out show Dec. 27. Between sets, Anthony Raneri, lead singer for the Queens-based punk-rock band, asked the audience how many of them had a Bayside tattoo.

A lot of hands went up.

Raneri went on to say that the band had held a contest to find the most interesting story behind fans’ Bayside tattoos, and the prize was a chance for the winner to watch the next show from backstage. The winner, hands down, was Rosa who met his girl at a Bayside show where they found they had matching tattoos.

The bandleader called Rosa up to the stage and asked a few questions about the tattoo story before asking him to introduce his girl. Rosa, who turns 22 today, Jan. 9, took the microphone and told the story.

“Not too long ago I went with my brother to see a [Bayside] show and met this young lady,” he said, indicating Loberto. “She had the same Bayside tattoo that all the Bayside fans have.”

They talked and they hit it off. They have been dating ever since.

It gets complicated though. The day after Rosa met Loberto, he was scheduled to check into rehab. As he explained to the audience, “She’s been through everything with me. Through my addiction, jail and everything. So she’s my girl, my ‘devotion and desire,’” he said, referencing a Bayside song.

With that, Rosa produced a ring box from his pocket and dropped to one knee. The smartphones came out and the audience erupted into cheers as Rosa asked, “Baby, I wanted to know if you would marry me?”

She said yes.

It turns out the tattoo contest was a ruse. It was suggested by the band after Rosa contacted them by email to propose his onstage proposal.

“Bands always get these emails,” said Bayside manager Randy Nichols. “I passed it on to Anthony and he said, ‘Yeah, let’s do it.’”

Rosa, a hip hop artist who performs at clubs locally, said it meant a lot to him because the band’s music has been a big part of his life.

“I’ve been listening to Bayside since I was in second or third grade. All of their songs have meaning to me. When I found out a friend had died. When I had my heart broken,” he said, he found comfort in their music.

Fortunately, he won’t need to turn to a song for solace after his onstage experience because Loberto said yes.

Was he concerned that she wouldn’t?

“I was hoping so. I would have been shit outta luck if she didn’t.”

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