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Lottery To Be Held For First Avalon Units 

Development Manager Michael Adamo in front of a building along East Fifth Street at Avalon Huntington Station, which will host some of the first tenants of the 379-unit development in February.

Interested in being one of the first tenants in AvalonBay Communities’ Huntington Station development? If so, you’ve got until Dec. 16 to enter an upcoming lottery for 43 affordable rental units.

The Town of Huntington announced last week that the Long Island Housing Partnership will conduct the January lottery for the right to rent 43 affordable rentals at Avalon Huntington Station, which will be amongst the first homes completed at the 379-unit community. Eligible lessees will be able to move in as early as February, said Chris Capece, AvalonBay Communities’ senior development director.

According to the Housing Partnership, rent for the affordable units will start at $932 a month for a one-bedroom, $1,148 a month for a two-bedroom and $1,646 for a three-bedroom unit. The remaining 260 apartments and 65 townhouses in the 379-unit development will be offered at market rate.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for people to become part of what will become a signature community in Huntington Station,” Supervisor Frank Petrone said. “I encourage interested persons to apply now to be part of the lottery that will be held to determine who will become the first tenants.”

Jennifer Appel, general counsel and program adviser for the Housing Partnership, said they have not determined established a framework for selling the 11 affordable ownership units.

Appel said that maximum gross household income levels to be eligible to buy the affordable units are: $42,400 for a one-bedroom unit; $52,950 for a two-bedroom; and $61,450 for a three-bedroom. Applicants seeking to participate in the lottery have until Dec. 16 to enter, and it’s up to the applicants to ensure they are eligible before they enter.

“There’s no type of preliminary review… You just need to complete the intake form and get that back to us,” she said.

As plans are underway to rent the first units, dozens of workers are on site at the 26.6-acre parcel in Huntington Station, hard at work to complete the development. The nearly 3,400-square-foot clubhouse, which includes community space and a fitness center and will be framed by an outdoor swimming pool, four ponds and outdoor living room-style amenities, should be done first in January, while phases of the community will steadily open up throughout 2014 until the entire community is developed by the fourth quarter of next year, Capece said.

During a tour of the site Monday morning, Development Manager Michael Adamo explained that the olive and walnut exterior is designed to harken back to the parcel’s historic roots as a potato farm by creating a more rustic exterior appearance. Crews are now moving on to interior work in what will become the first affordable units along East Fifth Street; wooden frames for buildings near Manor Field Park and the former Huntington Station Armory have already been erected.

“It’s coming together aesthetically pretty nicely,” Capece said. “We’re trying to keep it contextual to a town-home style community, trying to tie in a little bit with what’s going on in the area.”

The site’s history will also be in mind as part of a display in the clubhouse. A planned photo gallery in a clubhouse hallway leading to the pool will feature about 20 photographs of historic Huntington Station.

Capece added that AvalonBay expects to have little trouble renting the units once they are complete – so far, there’s a waiting list of more than 1,000 applicants, he said.

“There is probably more than that right now, but I haven’t seen the list in a few weeks,” he said. “You know there is great demand for it because there is a dearth of quality rental housing on Long Island.”

Anyone interested in applying to buy or rent one of the units should call 631-435-4710 or visit, where an application form is available.

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