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Lady Colts Look To ‘Kill’ It On The Court 

The Lady Colts hope that “practice makes playoffs” as they compete for a slot.

The Half Hollow Hills West varsity girls volleyball team is pushing for the playoffs with an overall record of 5-11 and a league record of 4-3.

The starting lineup includes senior captains Katy Teets, Jacquie Pappalardo and Jenna Marinis, senior Miya Jones, juniors Gabby Barone and Jenifer Eason, sophomore Meagan Teets, and freshman Alex Parkas.

In the first set against Newfield on Oct. 10, the girls got off to a rocky start, falling behind in points, but they were able to make a comeback and win the first set with a close score of 30-28.

“We brought some fun back that we can channel into other games,” said Teets.

The girls went into the second set with the same strategies of not serving to their opponent’s best players and funneling the other team’s offensive hits to their libero. This time, however, the strategies were not enough to win, and the girls lost the second set 22-25.

In the third game, the girls performed at the same level they did in the first. They were able to make a great play by digging Newfield’s big hitter and served up a storm.

The girls “gelled as a team and everyone brought something to help us win the game,” said Eason.

The girls finished the third set with a 25-16 win.

The girls were determined to end the game and finish strong. Half Hollow Hills West crushed the competition and ended the fourth and final set with a score of 25-12.

Teets had 19 kills, Parkas had 30 digs, Pappalardo had 36 assists, and Marinis had 20 digs.

The overall game was “a rollercoaster and was scrappy, exciting and strong at the same time,” said Hills West coach DeNigris.

The beginning of the season for Half Hollow Hills West has been rocky, with losses against Bellport and East Islip, but DeNigris said the team has improved its defense.

“Blocking is an area we need to work on as well as serving because that is one area of the game that we have complete control over,” he said.

Even though the team lost many seniors, “the younger girls have really stepped up and are the reason why we are having good season,” Marinis said.

The girls hope to make it to the playoffs and win their next two games by improving their game play.

Editor’s note: The author is also a player on the team.

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