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Interior Designer Inspires With Creative Flair 

Claudia Dowling, owner of the Main Street interior design store, sits in a comfortable, modern living space inside her Huntington village storefront.

It’s beauty on the inside that counts, and Claudia Dowling Interiors in Huntington village has been turning heads in Huntington for over 25 years.

The custom interior designer, who renovates and installs living spaces from bedrooms to living rooms to kitchens, takes a collaborative, hands-on approach when it comes to enhancing a client’s living space.

Dowling’s team of designers come prepackaged with construction and contracting professionals, making her business even more marketable.

“We try to keep the highest quality [materials]. We live in a disposable society, but when people want lasting things, they can buy that from us,” Dowling said, adding that her store is the one of the only on the Island that offers custom construction along with design services.

The Huntington-based interior design company has moved between three different locations in the village – first Gerard Street, then New York Avenue, and finally 325 Main St. over 10 years ago.

Most of the wooden furniture, from armoires to night stands, is made in the United States and can be prepared tailored to the client’s liking. A majority of the wooden fixtures come from a vendor in upstate New York, where all luxury pieces Dowling buys are handcrafted and made by designers she trusts.

From the East End to Manhattan, Dowling’s designs are not limited to homes in the Huntington area. She and her team recently designed aspects of the exclusive Cornell Club in Midtown Manhattan, have restored the interior of historic houses on Long Island, and revitalized parts of the mansion at the Vanderbilt Museum in Centerport.

“I like all spaces, and I like a challenge sometimes. [I like working with] people who have open minds that will allow us to do some different things. But it can be hard; when you’re emotionally involved and it’s your home, it’s not always so easy,” Dowling said.

Transient is a popular look that many of her clients request, a mix between traditional and modern design techniques that Dowling described as a “clean, Manhattan-looking line.”

“We have a lot of different things and we do what a lot of designers don’t,” the owner said.

Dowling said once she forms a professional relationship with the client, she shows them her portfolio, visits the home and develops a floor plan, and takes the time to learn about a client and their needs.

“Once you have a plan, everything can fall into place,” Dowling said. “I work from almost a negative perspective—you can find out easily what they don’t like and what they like. Ruling out is the easiest way to do it because you’ve eliminated a lot of things… I like to feel my way through a project and not impose my own taste.”

Her 5,000 square-foot store will undergo some renovations of its own over the next few weeks, when alterations will be made to accommodate a consignment shop that is currently sharing part of the storefront space. Dowling said she hopes to unveil her new look by the first week of January. Her store will remain open during the construction process for most of the time.

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