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Huntington Business Products Closing 

Amira Garbus and her son David, pictured in the storefront of Huntington Business Products Centre Tuesday, are preparing to move the 43-year business to a Plainview warehouse.

After 43 years in Huntington – 38 of those anchoring the gateway to Huntington village at 339 Main Street near St. Patrick’s Church – the Huntington Business Products Centre will close its retail shop in November, but continue to doing business from a Plainview warehouse.

A walk-in medical center is expected to be the next tenant in the 8,000-square storefront.

As Amira and Albert Garbus, who own the building, prepare to close down their retail store, welcome a new tenant and consolidate in their new Plainview space, the walls are growing bare, cardboard boxes are filling the front half of the store, and a sentimental feeling is settling in as closing time approaches.

“Huntington has been a wonderful town to us. It’s a wonderful community. They’ve been very loyal to us,” said Amira Garbus, of Northport, who launched the store in 1970 with her husband. “It’s bittersweet for us, too – it really is. We’ve met some wonderful people. We’ve seen their children. We’ve seen three generations come through here.”

Their son David Garbus, of Plainview, who joined the family business full-time in 1990, said they plan to wind the store down around Thanksgiving and move out by Dec. 6. As soon as they move out, their new tenant, ProHealth Urgent Care, will begin preparing to open a walk-in medical center with heart-imaging capabilities, Amira Garbus said.

Initially, the family had planned to consolidate and rent the front half of the store, but they decided that leasing their Huntington retail building and moving out was the best choice long-term.

The medical center is “very interested to get in here,” David said. “We think it’s going to be a good tenant for the town and the community.”

Huntington Business Products Centre is consolidating the 8,000 square-foot retail store and additional warehouse space on East 2nd Street in Huntington Station into a 4,000-square foot warehouse at 115 Newtown Road in Plainview, which will become their distribution center. The business will still be called Huntington Business Products Centre.

Once in Plainview, the focus of Huntington Business Products Centre will shift more toward break room, facilities and janitorial supplies. Next-day delivery to Huntington will be available.

Part of the reason for the move, David and Amira explained, is a double-whammy from technology. Not only has the Internet changed shopping habits, many of the products that were once their bread and butter, like adding machines, accounting implements, desk calendars and executive pens, are becoming obsolete.

“The products we used to sell here are no longer needed anymore,” Amira said.

“We still have a very strong business model, but long-term, that business is only going to shrink as we grow,” David said. “The Internet changed things forever.”

The entire staff of 18 will be moving to Plainview, less one – a 16-year veteran of Huntington Business Products Centre who plans to retire, Amira said.

While they believe the move to Plainview is best long-term for their business, their ties to Huntington run deep.

“It is sad about the store closing. We do feel bad about it – I know our customers are disappointed. We really did plan on staying, but this juts makes more sense for us long-term,” David said.

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