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Homecoming Spirit Propels Wildcats To Win 

The team celebrates after their win.

For a homecoming game, a larger number of fans in addition to a desire for a perfect end to special day puts more pressure on the home team than a normal game. Luckily for the Walt Whitman Wildcats, that pressure was no problem.

Walt Whitman High School’s homecoming was celebrated by a wide variety of people on Saturday. Marching bands from the high school and Stimson Middle School filled the parade with music, and cheerleaders from the district’s schools rose the spirits of the fans. Boy and Girl Scouts showed their love for the community and marched.

However, the most heartfelt moment of the parade was perhaps when a truck carrying alumni of the class of 1963 passed through the streets.

Many said the parade radiated the emphasis Walt Whitman places on community.

“This school has a ton of community spirit,” said head cheerleading coach Tracy Koch.

After the parade was the long-awaited football game between the Walt Whitman Wildcats and the Copaigue Eagles. The crowd roared and the team was hungry for a win.

After alumni from the class of 1963 accompanied the Wildcats to the coin toss, the game begun. The Wildcats did not waste any time as Berthin Lindor ran for a touchdown, and Jaron Batts ran for a successful 2-point conversion. After a missed field goal, Gerald Riley scored again on a 38-yard touchdown on a pass from Batts. The first quarter ended with the Wildcats up 14-0.

During halftime, the fans were treated to great performances by the marching band, color guard and kickine. The marching band and color guard performed their routine called “Lightwaves,” but it was more like shockwaves as the fans were in awe. The color guard waved their various flags in unison, and the kickline performed a flawless routine.

“I think the marching band did a fabulous job especially with color guard and as well as the kickline too, Koch said.

The game resumed after halftime and the Wildcats picked up where they left off. Batts would end up with three catches for 81 yards, including an impressive 66-yard punt return that put the Wildcats up 34-0.

While Batts and Walt Whitman’s offense rolled on all cylinders, the defense, led by Kendron Rivers, Gerson Cruz, Lindor, Chris Olberding and Terhon Legros, handled Copaigue perfectly.

Walt Whitman had one interception and held Copiague to only a late fourth-quarter touchdown. The final score of the game was 34-8.

As the final seconds of the game ran out, the stands of fans shook and roared. It was a great ending to a special day for Walt Whitman.

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