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Grad Helps Hunt Down Mugger 


Helping Cambridge police stop a mugger, who left his victim bloodied and beaten, was not the freshman orientation Tyler Grimaldi, of Dix Hills, counted on having.

On his second day at Harvard University, the 2013 Half Hollow Hills West graduate helped guide police in a wild goose chase around Cambridge, Mass., that resulted in the suspected mugger’s eventual arrest – all thanks to Grimaldi.

The 18-year-old All-American wrestler said he was wal­king toward the Harvard campus with a friend last Tuesday when a man, whose face was caked with blood, ran toward them screaming for help.

“Out of nowhere, the guy came up to me screaming with… more blood than I’ve ever seen,” Grimaldi said. “I think [the mugger] hit him with a broken bat.”

The victim told the freshmen pair that he had just been mugged, and Grimaldi was quick to act. While sprinting after the mugger and victim, who was trying to catch the criminal himself, Grimaldi called Cambridge Police to try and guide them to the crime scene.

The former Hills West Colts wrestler stayed on the phone with officers during the five-minute, on-foot race for justice.

Although the Harvard wrester didn’t need to use his years of training to pin down the mugger – but he admits he wishes he could have – Grimaldi’s grappling experience definitely came in handy.

“I thought it was kind of cool; I wasn’t nervous. I felt like I was in my element,” he said.

Harvard freshman and Good Samaritan Tyler Grimaldi, of Dix Hills, helped Cambridge Police catch a suspected mugger on his second day at Harvard University.

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