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Chef Promotes Healthy Cooking Sans Oil, Water 

Chef Ron Gelish prepares some potatoes with a top-of-the-line cooking machine.

In an age of health-consciousness, Ron Gelish shows people how to cook in a healthy, timely, and energy-efficient manner with Ronnie and Anna’s Healthy Concept LLC.

Gelish, of Holbrook, has worked in Huntington for years, but now travels to homes all over Long Island, Manhattan and even Connecticut to cook and clean for parties of about six people.

Amazingly, his in-home cooking demonstrations are free, because his presentations are a means of advertising the premium cooking-ware he uses to cook a meal that’s healthy and oil-free.

Gelish comes to your home and provides and cooks all of the food, which serves up to six. The menu includes golden fried chicken, a vegetable medley, mashed potatoes, fresh health salad, and a veggie cake for dessert. He even cleans up the kitchen while you and your party are eating.

“The whole point is to show that you can have a full dinner and feed the family in a healthy manner,” Gelish said.

The entire meal contains only about 600 “healthy calories” and 12 grams of fat, and still tastes delicious. The key to the bold tastes of the healthy food is the cooking method and utensils.

All of Gelish’s cookware is made of 316 titanium stainless steel. Pans of this material do not leach any metal into the food, like pans made of other materials do. In addition, the 316 titanium pots will not burn.

To confirm this, Gelish performs a test at the end of his presentation. Customers can literally taste the difference in something cooked in their own pot compared to something cooked in his pot.

His cooking method is oil-free and water-free. Gelish tells customers that when you cook vegetables in water, most of their nutrients and flavor leech out.

“Most kids don’t like vegetables because they don’t like the taste of them, and that’s because we’re cooking them wrong!” Gelish said.

He even fries his chicken without adding oil to his high-end skillet. He simply rubs spices onto the chicken to give it some taste.

Instead of adding dressing to his fresh health salad, Gelish includes lemon and apple shreds for flavor.

There are three parts to Gelish’s demonstration. First, he tells his intimate audience about his company and asks them to fill out a short survey about their health values.

Then he begins prepping and cooking the food, and as he works he explains how his special cooking gear saves time and energy and prevents health risks that are present in using common cooking pots and skillets.

When all are finished eating, Gelish educates the dinner party a little more on healthy cooking and asks what everyone thought of the meal.

The entire presentation is fun and interactive. Guests of the dinner party can try using some of the cooking-ware themselves and are welcome to ask and answer any questions during the presentation.

Gelish, 39, has been cooking in restaurants since he was 14. He attended the Culinary Institute of America and has been the lead chef at 5-star hotels as well as top steakhouses in the tri-state area. He began his healthy-concept cooking business about a year ago for his 17-month old son, who he wants to keep healthy by avoiding harmful foods.

To host a dinner at your home, call Gelish at 516-987-1939. You can also visit the Ronnie and Anna’s Healthy Concept LLC Facebook page at

The cooking equipment he uses can be purchased after contacting him, or after hosting or attending one of his dinner parties. All equipment has lifetime warranty.

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