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The Tale Of Walt Whitman’s Stuffed Canary

A few weeks before the great Blizzard of 1888, Walt Whitman published a little poem in the New York Herald celebrating a “Canary Bird.” “Did we count great, O ...Full Article

Fireman’s Fair Provides 111 Years Of Fun

You can hear the smile in Margaret Kissane’s voice as she recalls a time more than 30 years ago when the top prizes at the Greenlawn Fireman’s Fair were ...Full Article

Hitting The Sweet Spot Since 1929

The Northport Sweet Shop on Main Street is one of the few places where you can really feel like a kid in a candy store. Since 1929 the small, ...Full Article

Grad Helps Hunt Down Mugger

Helping Cambridge police stop a mugger, who left his victim bloodied and beaten, was not the freshman orientation Tyler Grimaldi, of Dix Hills, counted on having. On his second ...Full Article

Busted With Half-Kilo Of Coke

Police seized a half-kilo of cocaine in Melville during one of the four arrests that broke up a “major source of cocaine and marijuana” in Suffolk County, according to ...Full Article

Santana Steps Up For Coltrane Home

Supporters of efforts to restore legendary jazz saxophonist John Coltrane’s Dix Hills home are raising money in Manhattan next month with a hand from another musical legend. Iconic guitarist ...Full Article

School’s (Found) Out In Attorney General’s Probe

A Melville-based school was one of several academic institutions found to have inflated job placement rates for its graduates, the State Attorney General’s office announced Aug. 19. The Sanford-Brown ...Full Article

Long Islander Newspapers Sold

A historic newspaper chain has found a new home in the hands of community members with a love for its history, reputation and potential. Long Islander Newspapers, LLC – ...Full Article

Hills Grads ‘Train’ For NYC

Short film on millennial generation’s dream named finalist in festival Two Dix Hills natives have been waiting for a one-way train ticket (preferably off-peak) to New York City for ...Full Article

Sanctuary Supporters Mobilize

Opponents of a settlement that would have brought rental units to an affordable housing community in Melville hit the phones earlier this month to stall it. On Monday, however, ...Full Article