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Actress Visits High School, Bookstore 

Actress Cameron Diaz speaks to her Huntington audience at her book signing in the village.

Huntington was buzzing with excitement on Monday as Cameron Diaz made her way from Huntington High School to the village to chat about her new book.

The A-list actress is known for her memorable roles in movies including “The Mask,” “There’s Something About Mary,” and “Charlie’s Angels.”

Aside from acting, however, Diaz seems to have a knack for health and wellness. She came to Huntington to promote her new book, “The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body.”

First, she stopped at Huntington High School where she spoke to an eager crowd of more than 1,200 teenagers for nearly 40 minutes, hoping to inspire them to take control of their bodies at a young age.

Diaz displayed vast knowledge of the body, nutrition, exercise, physiological functions and diet, and revealed to her youthful audience that she is a bit of a “science nerd.”

The fit 41-year-old explained her own disciplined lifestyle, told girls never to compare themselves to other women, and advised listeners to move as much as they can to keep their bodies active.

Although she noted that she was not used to speaking to teenagers, she seemed to connect well with the students, smiling and waving as she left to an ovation.

Later in the evening, Diaz made an appearance at a bookstore in the village. To an audience of about 300 at Book Revue, she explained why she wrote the book and described her transition into a healthy lifestyle.

“If you really are what you eat,” the actress joked, “I would have been a bean burrito, extra cheese, extra sauce, no onions… I think I had taco sauce running through my veins.”

Diaz explained that for her role in “Charlie’s Angels,” she had to get into tip-top shape, which required her to eat healthy and work out excessively. Not only was she looking good and feeling good, but she realized that eating healthy also significantly improved her skin.

Since then, Diaz said, she has developed an interest in nutrition and fitness and has been practicing a healthy lifestyle for over a decade.

She hoped her book would help women better understand and appreciate their bodies.

“I wanted for women to understand what they did possess; to know that the body that they had was an amazing, miracle body and that they don’t actually know what they’re capable of or what they actually look like – what kind of body, what their best version of their body is – if they don’t understand how it works. So I decided to go out and gather all of that knowledge. Everything in the book is scientific – I didn’t make it up,” Diaz said.

The San Diego native advised her Huntington audience to begin to consciously make better choices, slowly but surely. She explained that healthier eating habits could not be made overnight, but challenged the audience to start with one good food or drink choice a day.

After an audience Q and A, fans who had purchased “The Body Book” were able to get their copies signed and take a picture with the actress.

One group of five girls in the front row of the crowd had been waiting at Book Revue since nearly four hours before the event to get their spots.

“We were the first ones on line,” said Hayley Mann, 19, of Holbrook. “We got lost on our way and we almost got killed,” she joked. “My Sister’s Keeper” and “Bad Teacher” are her favorite Cameron Diaz movies.

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